Chances are, you've heard of the Loch Ness Monster? But have you met the lady herself? In this whimsical new musical co-written by Marshall Pailet and AD Penedo, a scientist’s young daughter discovers herself — and a small, magical, and very reptilian creature — on the waters of the Scottish Highlands. Loch Ness is equal parts cheeky comedy, heart-warming family drama, and uplifting musical journey. 

"Loch Ness is a highly imaginative and whimsical adventure that is certain to burst onto the scene as the next modern day classic... one of the freshest, smartest, and funniest musicals to come along in a very long time." - Fullerton Observer

“There was a moment in Chance Theater’s Loch Ness when I realized I had fallen completely in love with it; when everything suddenly came together in the most wonderful of ways... what can only be described as pure magic. We used to call them Kodak moments, the kind you’d never want to end and Loch Ness gives them to you over and over again.” - BroadwayWorld

"With an array of compelling and congenial characters that bring depth, richness, and humor to the plot, Loch Ness is a tightly woven story that showcases few, if any, flaws, making it a veritable "home run" so to speak..." - Stage And Cinema

“... Marshall Pailet and A.D. Penedo’s irresistibly entertaining, utterly magical new musical... If the great big, cheer inspiring, full cast production number doesn’t have you in its spell, Pailet’s glorious, instantly infectious melodies most certainly will... a production design that is one of the Chance’s best ever, and an interspecies friendship that will touch your heart like few have before, and you’ve got a musical destined to go a long, long way beyond its initial Orange County run.” - StageSceneLA

"Unlike much new musical theater, "Loch Ness" is a charming, pleasingly quirky, wholly original concept. Its fine staging at Chance shows that theaters taking a chance on a new, unproduced play can strike it rich." - OC Register

"With a charming cast, sweet songs, and beautiful stage pieces, this show is not worth one viewing, but two." - OC Review

"If it were possible to speculate in the stock of a creative person, this chump would cobble together whatever few ducats he had lying around and invest them in Marshall Pailet... with Loch Ness, the 27-year-old Pailet delivers a piece that signals his future may not lie in quirky, off-beat shows that draw critical praise, but rather in mainstream commercial success... It's a smart funny musical with a genuine heart and just enough goofiness to offset any pathos in its very sincere examination of a teenage daughter dealing with the loss of her mother." - OCWeekly