a magical new musical for the whole family


A full-length musical about a twelve-year-old English girl and her unlikely friendship with an eccentric sea monster, Loch Ness features colorful characters, imaginative puppetry and a heart-filled story about uncertainty, family and the power of belief. With a lush score, humor and a bittersweet ending, we believe Loch Ness has the makings of a successful commercial musical.

Loch Ness will premiere at The Chance Theater in Anaheim, CA this winter. Marshall spent the winter at The Chance two years ago re-writing and mounting the LA area premiere of Triassic Parq. The production went on to receive 11 Ovation Award Nominations, and won 3 awards including “Best Musical.”

For this ambitious world premiere production of Loch Ness, we are looking to raise $11,000 of outside enhancement in order to bring our vision to its full artistic potential. We have already raised $7,000, which means we’re looking for an additional $4,000.

All donations are tax deductible as The Chance Theater is a 501c3 non-profit organization.


Loch Ness is not children’s theater, but rather theater for a family audience. It has the same mixture of darkness, fancy, spectacle (and girl power) that has made musicals such as Wicked and Matilda successful. We see Loch Ness capturing that same audience.


It’s one year since Haley Westerbrook’s mother was lost in a plane crash over the North Sea. Leading the search team was Haley’s father, Dr. Westerbrook (a marine researcher), who was unable to find the plane or any bodies... to this day nothing has been found.

In his first undertaking since, Dr. Westerbrook is commissioned to conduct a SONAR expedition in Loch Ness. Haley believes her mother survived the plane crash and is up in the North waiting to be rescued. But Haley’s world is turned upside down when she encounters an unexpected soul mate: the Loch Ness Monster. Nessie (as the monster calls herself) is a 3,000-year-old sea creature who has long been trapped in Loch Ness, and is looking for a way to escape to the North Sea where she believes her mom is waiting. In order to recapture the old lives they love, Haley and Nessie must escape to the North Sea together. But with time running out, and danger at every turn, Haley and Nessie must face the ultimate uncertainty on this treacherous and magical musical adventure.


The enhancement money is going towards three things: 1. Set design 2. Puppetry 3. Additional Staff

1. Approximately $9,000 will go towards enhancing our set. Our set designer, Fred Kinney, has come up with a breathtaking design. 

The foundation of the set is a wooden tank filled with a very thick fog. The tank will serve as the Loch, and the fog will create the illusion of mist-covered water. The tank and the surrounding wood will feature Gaelic/Nordic carvings.

On top of the tank is the “floating bridge,” a giant piece of steel that “floats” over the entire length of the tank. Much of the action that doesn’t take place in the water will occur on the floating bridge.

 In this scene, Haley steers a dinghy (a real 7’ dinghy) around Loch Ness. The dinghy will be mounted on a stand with casters - the fog is opaque to give the illusion of dark water (Loch Ness is notoriously opaque).

The back wall opens to reveal other settings, such as Haley’s cabin, a pub, and an office.

 Oh yeah, and we’re building a massive water puppet.

 2. Only $1,500 will go towards creating Nessie. She will be a giant, wood-stained puppet controlled by 3-5 actors. Think of her as War Horse on the water. 

3. The last $1,000 will go towards flying out essential staff from NYC (music director and dramaturge) whose efforts have been, and continue to be, invaluable in shaping the show.  

In addition to the tax deduction, any donation of $500 or more will receive regular pictures and updates, tickets to opening night, a signed poster from the entire cast and creative team, and a hug.

 Without the support of people like you, we’d be unable to bring our baby to life. If you’re unable to support us financially, then we hope you’re able to give us good vibes and come see the show. Thank you so much for your consideration!



Marshall Pailet and A.D Penedo