Who's Your Baghdaddy? (Or How I Started The Iraq War)

by Marshall Pailet & A.D. Penedo

Click HERE to hear the full score and read the script.

The new musical comedy from Marshall Pailet (Triassic Parq) and A.D. Penedo (The Three Times She Knocked) about a support group for those who started the Iraq War. At times absurd, at other times devastating, the piece recounts the true story of a handful of mid-level spies whose foibles contributed to the worst intelligence blunder in modern history.

Tracks featuring Brennan Caldwell, Jason Collins, Brandon Espinoza, Peter Friedman, Nehal Joshi, Olli Haaskivi, Claire Neumann, and Sarah Sokolovic. 

Orchestrations by Charlie Rosen, Music Supervision by Zak Sandler. 

Commissioned by Charlie Fink and the New Musical Foundation.

  • 3:13
    A young German interrogator celebrates himself. Brennan Caldwell and Company.
  • 2:08
    An American analyst experiences unrequited love. Olli Haaskivi and Company.
  • 3:02
    Our German interrogator and an Iraqi defector party in Berlin while the world crumbles around them. Brennan Caldwell and Nehal Joshi.
  • 4:19
    Our Iraqi defector struggles as our characters receive their comeuppance. Nehal Joshi and Company.